Post release #10

Dear friends, colleagues, donors,

Today is 337th day of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. With the help of their American and European allies,   heroic people of Ukraine are defending their homeland. The massive missile attacks have ruined nearly 50% of Ukraine’s   infrastructure and due to this the national wide limits of electricity have reduced considerably. Now most towns of Ukraine, including Uzhhorod, suffer from the planned and unplanned power cuts. Most often Uzhhorod citizens can have only 6 hours of electricity supply in three shifts per 24 hours. 

Nevertheless, we managed to carry on KOLYADA (carol celebration) on nearly deserted streets of Uzhhord just to remind our citizens of old good traditions from their peaceful past. The collected money was transferred to the wounded soldiers in the local hospitals.    

Agreement with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

After many months of waiting we have got an Agreement with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine giving us the right to sign  a declaration with the patients, it means that the state will pay capitation fees ( about Euro 20.00 a patient per year)for each assigned patient. .In our case it means that 3000-4000 of assigned patients will give us sustainability to finance staff salaries, running costs the same as  to save some funds for the further development of the clinic. 

At the moment the signed Agreement allows us to: 

  • have capitations fees; 
  • issue electronic referrals to medical specialists;
  • issue electronic prescriptions;
  • vaccinate patients  ( we have free vaccines and a refrigerator donated from Spain);
  • assign all members of the family 

Variety of medical professionals 

In order to attract new patients we have employed some new medical specialists. Now beside 5 family doctors, we have the following medical specialists:  cardiologist, ophthalmologist, gynecologist, psychologist/psychiatrist, otolaryngologist, endocrinologist, rheumatologist, dermatologist, neurologist, pediatrician, ultrasound specialist who work part time. 

A recently purchased new electronic medical work-flow system gives us the possibility through the local hospital to have access to the generalized all Ukrainian family doctors system.  

Call Center 

In order to remove an information load off the registration staff and not to lose potential clients, we have introduced a new Call Center telephone .Every day one of 5 residents is responsible for solving routine problems of the patients online ( to issue a receipt or an  electronic referral to the specialist  doctor, to read the analyses, to give the address and the time table of the  clinic, etc). For more complicated problems the resident can get the consultation from the experienced doctors. The system teaches young doctors to work by themselves  under the guidance of their senior tutors.

The main aim of 2023 is to achieve at least partial sustainability of Interfamily clinic.

Of course now we cannot do without your financial help and we are grateful to any one of you who can donate to us even in such an unusual and touching form like collecting donations for Interfamily clinic instead of the flowers at the funerals. We decided to introduce a system of targeted donations.  Now we have very peculiar needs that have their names, their costs and time limits and any donor may select his/her favorable branch of donations:

  1. Now thanks to you the Clinic has a powerbank to supply electricity during the cutoffs but the mirror walls of the Clinic do not keep warmth for a long time, so the staff has to work in their outer clothes. We need an accumulator battery to maintain the normal temperature inside.
  2. The Clinic is running out of special types of medicine and we’ll need some of it on request.
  3. For the laboratory to work smoothly we need a constant supplier of medical express tests and sometimes even for rare cases with the most vulnerable patients.
  4. Now having permission from the   Ministry of Health we need vaccines preferably multivalent ones.    
  5. Interfamily Clinic becomes more and more popular so if we could pay more the staff of the Clinic and the Call Center would be able to work longer hours and even during the weekends.  


At the same time we are doing our best to find new ways to achieve our clinic’s sustainability. To win in the struggle whose trophy is a new client we are working on different types of advertising. We are sure many of you are more experienced in this type of activity and we would be more than happy if you decide to share with us your secrets and experience as to how to attract 3000- 4000 potential   customers having dozens of other rival clinics in the town.