The Spring School of Global Health in Germany


Recently, our young colleagues, interns, had the opportunity to attend the Spring School of Global Health in Dresden, Germany.

It was a busy, interesting and educational week, where we gained new knowledge and skills. We talked about population immigration, antibiotic resistance, vaccination issues, environmental pollution and its impact on global health, and the role of primary health care in global health.

We participated in workshops where we discussed various situations related to problems that negatively affect health and ways to solve them.

We visited a simulation center that teaches emergency care not only to medical students and doctors, but also to all other professions (military, police), which is very valuable. We will soon use the new knowledge and practical advice to create trainings in our simulation center.

We also visited a clinic to see a family doctor and compared the specifics of the work of family doctors in Germany and Ukraine. We noticed that family doctors in Germany solve most of the problems that patients come to us with and only in extreme cases refer them to secondary care.

We are glad that family doctors in our clinic are trying to work according to the European model, and we will continue to improve the provision of primary care using useful advice from our foreign colleagues.

We sincerely thank our foreign colleagues for the invitation.

In turn, we invited them to Uzhhorod, so we hope for future cooperation and creation of new interesting projects.