Post release #3

Ukraine has entered the fifth month of the war against Russian aggression. Unfortunately,  the intensity of hostilities in all directions  from both sides has intensified, the number of casualties from both sides has  grown. 

We must admit that  a greater number of Ukrainian settlements were subject to rocket attacks, which caused human casualties. There is a further migration of refugees from other cities of Ukraine to Uzhhorod . Part of the refugees whose term of stay has expired is returning from abroad back to Ukraine. Many of those who returned to Ukraine have nowhere to go; their homes have been destroyed by the invaders.  

In spite of all the difficulties we keep on going with our activities in different selected directions.  

  1. Our medical volunteer team  is successfully providing  its medical service to the refugees in its  third  working location which is more suitable for its work. Its popularity is growing and it becomes known throughout Ukraine.  
  2. Basing on  the materials of Salzburg  OMI we have launched a new teaching project  «Art of palliative medicine» .A 30 hours course was quite a new idea in  the Medical University history. The course was created and implemented by the Faculty of our Department.
  3. I was invited to give two presentations : at WONCA Europe Open Meeting in London with   “ 120 days of uncertainty in Ukrainian family doctors’ life: is there any future? and for German experts in Dresden “  How should  Germany focus on health aspects connected with the current situation in Ukraine caused by the massive migration of the displaced population”.
  4. The development of the PROJECT “ International Family Medicine Clinic of Uzhgorod (IFMCU)”. The refurbishing works in the Clinic are going on and we can see a light at the end of the tunnel.
  5. As a number of refugees in Uzhhorod does not reduce and not all of them are ready to call at our temporal medical center for refugees we decided to launch a new Project under the name  “Patients’ Education” . First, we see it in a form of a blog and later in a form of a site of our    “International Family Medicine Clinic of Uzhgorod (IFMCU)” We’ll be grateful for your assistance !