Post release #15

Сaroling is a Christian tradition but each country has its peculiarity. According to  Ukrainian researchers the ritual of caroling started from pagan times and  was timed to the day of the winter solstice and carolers were considered  “fateful guests” who honored the souls of dead ancestors, when the border between the world of the living and the dead disappeared. The basis of the custom of caroling is the ancient belief in the power of a wish and the magic of a word to create what it describes.

Now when Ukraine is fighting against Russian aggressors caroling has acquired a new additional purpose: 1) to strengthen Ukrainian national spirit and 2) to help  the needs of the wounded Ukrainian soldiers and officers at the local hospitals.    

Caroling traditionally takes place between Christmas and a New Year.   Ukraine is a multi-confessional country but with the majority of Orthodox and Catholic believers. Traditionally Orthodox Christmas was celebrated on 7 of January. Later officially they started celebrating both dates : Catholic on 25 December and Orthodox on 7 January. But this year in order to manifest the joining  the European community, it was decided to introduce  a unified celebration of Christmas for both confessions : Catholic and Orthodox on 25 December.  

Traditional Ukrainian heroes of the Christmas Caroling are: a Star Carrier, a Gypsy  an Indian King a Greek King ,  Herod, a Shepherd, a Host, a Hostess ,a Devil, Angels, a Goat, a Bear,etc.

The “Interfamily” Clinic together with the local teachers and musicians continues caroling on the streets of the old town.

In spite of the fact that the a team of the carolers  gather only once a year the tradition has been going on for the last 25 years . Every year more and new participants join the team even from other towns of Ukraine, like IDPs carolers from Mariupol .

During a quarter of a century of caroling some of the team members have grown from a little angel to a courageous Star Carrier and a treasurer (Mihonosha). 


A traditional Host has   turned into a cheerful Devil. Only a  colorful gypsy has remained  unchanged, the same beautiful and talkative. 

New Angels have grown up.

What remains unchangeable is the noble goal of the caroling : to help those in need . This year we managed to collect EURO 164.42 ( 6,800 HRVN)  donations  for the social and medical assistance of wounded soldiers at  Uzhhorod hospitals.

Christ was born!

Let’s praise Him!