The Ukrainian Family Medicine Research Club

Дата публікації: 04.05.2024

‘What is the club about?’

The club is for anyone who wants to discuss their family medicine research ideas and plans in an informal atmosphere.

‘Who is the club for?’

It is for anyone working or studying in Ukraine who is interested in doing family medicine research. Members can be:

  • students – in any grade!
  • residents;
  • family doctors;
  • PhD students;
  • academics;
  • professors…

‘What skills do I need to have?’

You need to have:

  • An interest in doing family medicine research:
    • either clinical research;
    • or educational research about undergraduate or postgraduate teaching.
  • Basic English language skills
    • but perfect English isn’t needed!
  • Enthusiasm.

‘What will happen?’

I will run Zoom meetings every 6 weeks:

  • The meetings will last 60-90 minutes.
  • 6-9 people in each meeting.
  • 10 minutes of discussion for each participant.
  • I will lead the informal discussions.

‘What can I discuss or ask for help with?’

  • A possible new family medicine research question.
  • Designing a new family medicine research project.
  • Collecting data.
  • Analysing data.
  • Writing up the results.
  • Presenting the results.
  • Getting your family medicine research paper published.

‘How can I join the Ukrainian Family Medicine Research club?’

  • Please give your name and email address at:
  • I will mail you when we are ready to start.

‘Who is organising this?’

I am Prof. Dr. Michael Harris, a family doctor and researcher in the UK. I regularly travel to Ukraine to work with my amazing academic colleagues at Uzhhorod National University (see photo below) and am setting this up with their help.

Written by: Prof. Dr. Michael Harris